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Project Duration


Project Goals

Revenue Growth

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Increase Community Engagement

End Results

90% Increase in Revenue

#1 Ranked on Google (Canada)

300% Increase in Engagement

Keys to Project Success


Social Media Marketing

We created a multi-faceted strategy for GS to increase customer engagement. First, we connected with notable informational health and supplement sites to share each other's content. Second, we shared alot of original content on social. Third, we spent several hours per day starting conversations with CBD and cannabis community members. Whether it's a comment, like, or retweet. Fourth, we partnered with an agency to collect +200 Google reviews in under 6 months. After 6 months, we increased engagement on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by 300% .

Email Marketing

GS had a pre-existing email list from an herbal supplement database. We started with a survey in order to understand the email base. We analyzed the age and demographics of the email list, as well as the most common medical conditions in the database. After A/B testing 8 different email variations, we devised an email marketing strategy that had the following elements: (1) simple design, (2) short email copy, and (3) targeted-keywords. The first month led to a 65% increase in monthly revenues. Year-over-year, revenues increased by 90%.

Search Engine Optimization

At project commencement, much of the online traffic was dominated by established US-based companies and 4-5 Canadian stores. Therefore, Google rankings changed often and fast. GS wanted to improve SEO and visibility in Canada, and establish a foothold in the market. After conducting some competitive analysis and keyword research, we recommended publishing several original content per month. With some "stealth" tactics we were able to increase GS's visibility by 600%. Now, the company is ranked #1 in Canada and dominates nearly 60% of Canada's "CBD-related" searches.

Content Creation

Due to controversy over CBD oils in the US, health regulators in Canada prevents search engines from enabling advertisements on the product. Hence, we proposed publishing original content. Doing this allowed GS to dominate keywords that are frowned upon by healthcare authorities such as "buy CBD oils online", "CBD for pain" and +75 unique keyword combinations that supports their SEO efforts. We also monitor what other competitors are doing in terms of original content to ensure GS is posting enough to remain at the top of search engine results.


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