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Content Creation
Competitive Research
Social Media Marketing
Branding Strategy
Email Marketing

Keyword Research

Case Study: HybridBlock: Image
Case Study: HybridBlock: List

Project Duration



Project Goals

Capital Fundraise

Strong Branding Strategy

Interest from Investors​


End Results

Raised $40,000,000 USD 

Keys to Project Success

Case Study: HybridBlock: Work
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Email Marketing

First we created a landing-page which included HybridBlock's (HYB's) official ICO trailer. By sharing this on all ICO-rating platforms, Bitcoin reddit threads, and, we compiled an email list of 20,000 contacts. We A/B tested 8 different email templates to see what worked. From text to time of day to template color. Our email response rate was 3%, above industry average, with an unsubscribe rate of 0.3%, well below industry average. Through the initial email campaign we were able to secure $4 million in capital fundraising.

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Branding Strategy

As a blockchain company, HYB was working in a space filled with scammers and hackers. On top of that, the company was fundraising at the height of the market, when Bitcoin was trading at above $15,000 USD. As such, how investors perceived the brand was very important. We put together a strong branding package for HYB which included 2 investment trailer videos, and +12 PR placements on notable websites like Forbes, Inc. Magazine, CNBC and Huffington Post. We even secured an interview with CNBC with the founder Apolo Ohno.

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Social Media Marketing

Before kickstarting our marketing and emailing efforts, we knew that our "online reputation" was important. Therefore, we made it a priority to become reputable on the social media platforms that matter to crypto-investors. Twitter and Facebook became our main focus points. We also shared content on Medium, and all ICO rating platforms. Additionally, we hired community moderators for Telegram, worked with YouTube influencers, and offered Airdrop rewards to grow the Telegram community to +30,000 members.

Case Study: HybridBlock: Clients

Other Case Studies

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Case Study: HybridBlock: Image
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