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Social Media Marketing
Branding Strategy
Content Creation

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Project Duration



Project Goals

Strong Branding Strategy

Product Adoption


End Results

Market cap increased 700%

Social Media Engagement up 400%

Keys to Project Success

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Content Creation

In May 2017, Litecoin activated a scaling solution called SegWit which started the "Lightning Network" revolution. In basic language, it enabled near-instant Litecoin payments, something that has never been possible for any cryptocurrency. We worked with the team to create content that was simple and easy to digest. We paired the content with visually appealing infographics and spread this content across 20 different platforms including CCN, Forbes, CNBC, Inc., and HuffPost. Within 5 months, website traffic went from 766 in August to 19,000 by January 2018 (23 times).

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Branding Strategy

Prior to launching SegWit, Litecoin was the 6th most popular coin in the market behind giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum. We wanted to piggy back off Bitcoin's popularity as the alternative investment to Gold. Hence, we marketed the slogan "Litecoin, silver to Bitcoin's gold". In 2017, the Ethereum community was booming. Thousands of projects raised billions of dollars on their smart contract platform. We took advantage of this and pushed the launch on SegWit at several conferences: Consensus 2017 and DevCon 3--running hugely successful workshops at both events. 

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Social Media Marketing

In 2017, over $3.5 billion were raised through ICOs, with several new projects popping up every day. Getting attention was not an easy task. We devised a marketing campaign inspired by Bitcoin's 5 year birthday party on Reddit. We decided to take this to another level and spread the idea of a SegWit party across all social media platforms. We partnered with over 100 social media influencers within a 1-month period, and created the hashtag #SegWitParty (used 25,000 times on Twitter).  Litecoin jumped from #6 in market cap to #4 within 3 months of SegWit's launch (nearly 1,000% growth).

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Other Case Studies

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Case Study: iTrue: Image
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